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  • Baking is an art that our bakers have perfected.
  • Using some of the most sophisticated equipment and ovens, MaaMee offers an endless range of sweets, pastries, cakes and bread that are both pleasing to the eyes and mouth watering.
  • We also have a platter of mini pastries that make for an excellent gift package.

Private Events

  • Do you wish to create everlasting memories with very close friends and families?
  • Do you wish to host your kinspeople and celebrate your unique cultural identity?
  • Do you wish to host your former classmates and relive your childhood experiences?
  • Do you desire a quiet place for that early morning corporate meeting?
  • Do you wish to use our cooking-based exercises to build and strengthen your team?
  • MaaMee offers a cozy and intimate environment for these special moments; and our Chief Experience Officer will work with you & our kitchen staff to ensure that we exceed your wildest expectations.
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school program

School programs

  • The benefits of cooking in a child’s development is well documented. Children who cook are known to make healthier food choices, feel a sense of self-sufficiency, take more personal responsibility for their choices and gain additional practice in reading and math skills when they follow recipes.
  • MaaMee Foods is offering discerning schools the opportunity to work with our staff to develop bespoke excursion programs that achieve each school’s learning objectives and fits into their extracurricular activities without the huge cash outlay for a commercial kitchen.
  • Our kitchen and bakery layouts; food experience centre and top of the line CE certified 304 18/10 stainless steel equipment are guaranteed to arouse a child’s curiosity for cooking.
  • With an oven that can bake up to 5,000 meat pies; a combi equipment that can grill about 1,500 chicken wings; an exceptional water treatment plant; a cooking line that can cook for up to 10,000 guests within a day’s notice; and conveniently situated in Jibowu – Yaba; MaaMee Foods is the best place for a food excursion program.  

Private labeling & Co-Packing

  • Are you a major caterer, hotel operator, restaurant or just a business who wishes that someone can do the cooking while you focus on growing your business?
  • Our co-packing and private labeling services were designed with you in mind. You can choose from our vast range of MaaMee recipes or ask us to cook to your specifications or mix and match. With a cooking line that can cook for up to 10,000 guests within a day’s notice; a facility that is designed to function 24/7; and some of the best hands in the industry; we are here to help you grow your business.
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mom break

Give Mom A Break

  • For those times that mum cannot cook, MaaMee has your family covered with our #givemomabreak program. With this program you can order your favorite pot of soups, meals or platter of assorted pastries.

Home Chef

  • There is a growing demographic of people who are unable to prepare their own meals either because of their demanding schedules or live alone in Nigeria while their families are overseas.
  • As a customer focused company, MaaMee provides a Home Chef option with the flexibility to cook to order. Customers with special needs and preferences can take advantage of this offering to replicate the taste and quality of their preferred recipe.
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