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The Best of Igbo Delicacies

Exclusive 7-Course Meal for just ₦10,000

----Sunday, Dec 8, 2019

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Journey through the East in a
7 Course Meal

Situated in the east is one of the major tribes in Nigeria, dominated by a beautiful people bound together in oneness, strength and collective will, through their uniquely strong culture, customs, tradition and rich food.

Come and enjoy this foray into what makes the Igbo community unique

With this dining experience, we do not only seek to create a pleasurable ambience where the art of good cooking and plating is enjoyed. It goes beyond that; we seek to emphasize a holistic positive food experience through the rich and amazing flavors of Igbo delicacies.

Igbo Amaka

Course I - Appetizer

 Garden Egg w/groundnut paste

Course II-Soup
Nkwobi, Isi Ewu

Served w/palm wine

Course III- Salad
Abacha, Ugba

Choose 1 salad dish

Course IV – Palate Cleanser

Ube w/roasted corn

Course V - Main Dish

Oha soup w/Akpu or pounded yam or Eba
Bitter leaf soup w/Akpu or pounded yam or Eba
Ofe Owerri w/Akpu or pounded yam or Eba
Ofe Nsala w/Akpu or Pounded Yam or Eba
Ofe Akwu w/Abakaliki rice
Igbo jollof rice w/dried fish

Course VI- Pudding


Course VII- Dessert
Ukwa, Egusi Cake

Served w/MaaMee’s Signature Zobo Mix

This is what our Customers are saying

Ebere Okonkwo
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Amazing experience... The food is top notch.. Calling on all Foodies - come and discover gold!
Akeji Promise
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It’s always a beautiful time at Maamee’s. Love the food and I especially love the people.
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"I enjoyed every meal, soo much that I ordered for a bowl of affang soup. My next order will be the edikaikong ... So trust the Igbo day will be fantastic"

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I entitled to all the meals on the menu?

Yes, Except for the Main Dish (Course V) where you are required to choose 1, your fee allows you to eat all the other meals.

What happens if I can't finish my meal? ?

Options are made available to afford you takeaways in any case

Can I make payment on the day of the event?

While this is possible, we strongly recommend advance payment because we expect to be oversubscribed.

Any Special plan for couples?

Yes, Couples get 20% Discount

Any discount/bonus whatsoever ?

This is an experience that is best enjoyed with family and friends; and we have structured our pricing structure to reflect this:
Single: N10,000
Couple: 20% discount
Group of 4 or more: 25% discount

Are kids welcome to the event?

This is a family friendly dining experience and kids are very much welcome. We offer up to 40% discount for kids.


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