About us

As a Food company, our job is to make healthy, premium quality and affordable food solutions available to all. We believe our part is played in shaping our planet into a healthier place – serving one meal at a time. Our passion for food is exemplified by our huge investment in some of the best stainless steel equipment, the way we handle our meals and the quality of our service.

We are called Maa’Mee (noun) My Mother dearest. There’s a certain something about her food. Always more than enough to go round every one, including cousins of cousins and the visitor who was just passing by and thought to say hello. Wink.

MaaMee is a tribute to the generous and protective heart of each of our mothers and to the love shared in the taste and goodness of the food from her kitchen.

Why We Are

We believe that all people are connected in one big family of humanity.
We believe that each one of us deserves the dignity of a good life.
We believe that life is sustained by food. &
We believe that the better the food , the better the life. We exist to serve this high purpose.

Our Audience

Naija is people with the mindset derived from the established spirit of contemporary 21st century Nigeria which is emerging to be a powerhouse of talent and opportunity.

Naija is a state of being where a burst of creative energy is emboldening them to affirm confidence in their creativity and are winning global acclaim.

MaaMee proudly embraces and will provide food that sustains this indomitable Naija spirit.

Our core values

Our values are inspired by the Adinkra symbols, They define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners, customers and consumers. Our six core values are Mother’s Love, Beauty, Family Unity, Innovation, Honesty, and Courage

family unity 2 1

Mother’s Love

We are birthed from the compassionate exemplary love of a mother

beauty 2


We appeal to good taste and quality performance in our products and services

family unity 22

Family Unity

We promote the bond of community in an environment of care and safety

innovation 2


We are ever doing new and bold ideas.

honesty 2


We will earn your trust by being transparent and honest in our service

courage 2


We do not fear, in doing the right thing